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IPG receive a courtesy visit from Representative of Embassy of Canada in Indonesia


Representatives of Embassy of Canada to Timor Leste and Indonesia, Mr. Michael Lazaruk, Senior Trade Commissioner and Ms. Emilie Carrier, Trade Commissioner Extractive Industries paid a courtesy visit to the Institute of Petroleum and Geology (IPG) on January 13, 2020 to discuss opportunity and ways to strengthen cooperation between IPG and Geoscience Institution and Petroleum& Gas and Mineral industries of Canadian government.

During the meeting, the President of IPG Mr. Helio Casimiro Guterres provides a detail presentation on the vision, mission, values and objectives that set in place thus far including achievement and challenges faced by IPG as a Geoscience Institution in Timor Leste.

In concluding the visit, Mr. Michael and Ms. Emilie were also observing directly the real time earthquake monitoring and information that was established and launched at the end of 2019.